Picture Perfect

Bahamas? - No, Sunny DorsetJust how lucky are we? Taking a week off in the UK at the end of March would not strike you as the most likely time to find blue skies and sunbathing temperatures, but that’s what we’ve had all week. They are promising snow for next week, but right now we could be in the Bahamas.

With the sun peeping through the fresh green leaves of Spring, we chose a perfect spot for breakfast next to the stream that meanders through Branksome Chine. It was beautifully tranquil, very few other people around and the sound of birdsong supplying the soundtrack to the first meal of the day.

We sat on the balcony of the beach restaurant with a large coffee each, and surveyed the scene. Mile upon mile of golden sand, bathed in sunshine from a perfect cloudless blue sky, and dotted with a handful of other people out enjoying the unseasonably warm weather.

A couple of hours later, having combed the sea shore for shells and other interesting flotsam and jetsam, we made our way back up through the Chine. Seeing nature in all its picture perfect beauty really is a chance to appreciate the wonders in life. No matter what else is going on, there are always moments in a day when you can just take it all in, and smile.

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