A Proper Curate’s Egg

Kingfisher On The River FromeToday has been proper strange. It started fairly early with breakfast whilst watching the the start of the Grand Prix, Then off to the Co-op to pick up pastries for a second breakfast round at Hannah’s new house.

It’s a lovely property, big rooms, lots of space for the family to spread out. Nice and modern but in a traditional style, if you get my drift. Charlotte and Oliver came over too, so it was a nice family morning.

Back at the cottage, it was beautiful sunshine and a soft warm breeze. B hung the washing out while I set the ladders up against the end wall to investigate some loft insulation that was protruding from the barge boards. It seems that birds have been collecting it through a hole under the boards, so we placed a piece of wood over the hole, to try to deter them.

Having secure the ladders, and with half an hour until the roast lamb was due to come out of the oven, we went for a stroll down to the site of one of the old snuff mills, on the banks of the river Frome. The sunlight formed dappled pools of light through the spring foliage and the babbling river made a perfect soundtrack as we made our way along the riverbank.

We were busy watching a pair of yellow wagtails hunting amongst the rocks and boulders below the weir, when my eye was caught by an electric blue flash. It was a Kingfisher, elegant, sleek and arguably Britain’s most beautiful bird. We watched as it sped up and down it’s territorial stretch of the river, coming to rest on what appeared to be it’s regular perching points. It was so beautiful, in the setting of a perfect Spring day, that we lost track of time and had to hurry back to rescue the lamb from the oven.

Whether it was the walk, the fresh air, the excitement of seeing the Kingfisher or just possibly the glass of red wine that helped wash the Sunday roast down, I could not say. Suffice to say that another ‘recharging’ snooze ensued, so soon even the extra hour of daylight was also gone.

Just to complete the gamut of emotions, I found out tonight, that my mum has picked up this accursed norovirus and was feeling proper poorly. It’s really doing the rounds at the moment, but being in her early eighties, we are concerned that she is safe, doesn’t get dehydrated and can get help if she needs it. She will call tomorrow to let us have an update, and has an emergency pendant if she needs assistance in the night.

So as I said, a proper curate’s egg of a day, good in some parts, not so good in others.

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