More Monday Mayhem

Monday MayhemBy now you might be getting the idea that I really don’t like Mondays. It’s always minor mayhem in the office, lots of emails to answer, tons of orders to process, but it’s always been like that. I can deal with the work, as I’ve said before, it’s far better than no work, so I live with it.

What really makes it harder is having to leave Bumble back in Bristol. After having a fun weekend together, it’s no fun driving down the A36 at 6:00 in the morning, particularly when the car is telling me it’s -2°C outside. But needs must and I get to the office just before 8:30, despite having to follow a monster agricultural contraption for miles.

The day flies by, helped along by an unexpected call from B, just checking that I’m not in some ditch somewhere. Lunchtime comes and goes and still the email mountain sits looking at me, but slowly and surely I work my way through it, the process punctuated by a number of customer phone calls. I leave around 5:20, with the boss still hard at it.

I’m tired, and the flat can be a bit quiet, but then the phone rings. It’s B, and we have a nice chat about the day and the events of the weekend. The evening is taken up with the mundane things in life, washing, cleaning, all the things that get neglected whilst I’m in Bristol. Another chat with B, as she snuggles down for the night, then a quick call to my mom to make sure she’s ok, and Monday’s done. Tomorrow will be a lot easier, but I must stop wishing my Mondays away, I’m off to chant, that’ll fix it.

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