Welcoming Problems

We all know that we should welcome, if not exactly seek out problems, to test our practice.

Sometimes it is easy to see the benefits, sometimes it’s not and today has been one of those times.

I think I have been guilty of swinging the lead, in practice terms on my week off, and the results speak for themselves.

I’m back in the office tomorrow and I need to chant all the way to Ringwood to get myself into the right life-state.

Happy Birthday Mom

We have had a lovely day celebrating my Mother’s birthday today. Happy Birthday Mom, congratulations on another fabulous year!!!

Interesting to compare the Christian background I was brought up in and Mom’s Methodist Religion, and the Buddhist Practice I now choose.

Interesting too, that Nichiren Buddhist is an atheist belief system, which fits my way of thinking much more closely.

Oh Yes, it’s Kutai Alright

After a day working on the new Yoga Essence website, we spent the evening in the company of Jon Anderson and Rick Wakeman. Their concert at the Lighthouse in Poole was a brilliant mix of new songs from The Living Tree and golden oldies.

All sorts of memories came flooding back as the lyrics and notes unlocked them.

Only I could see them, but they were as real as were the original experiences. So they exist and they don’t exist all at the same time, and Nichiren Buddhism calls this Ku, short for Kutai. All they need are the right conditions to become manifest, in exactly the same way our own potential does.

Now the concert itself has been consigned to history, as has typing this sentence, memories that will remain forever.

A Day In Paradise

If ever there was a perfect place to see the Universe in all it’s beautiful perfection, it was evident all around at Westonbirt Arboretum today.

No lessons learned today, except that nature in all it’s glory can be absolutely amazing …


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A Strange Calm

I spent most of last night walking around the Quay, watching TV and hoping that the pain in my chest wasn’t the onset of a heart attack.

It may sound strange, but having looked through the symptoms on NHS Direct, and deciding that it probably wasn’t a coronary episode, I simply chanted for the pain to go away.

I did get a few short naps, but by 6:30 it was too painful to lie down and I continued my perambulations.

I left my partner sleeping, she couldn’t help in any case and I had become strangely calm about the whole thing, which I knew she wouldn’t understand.

Anyway, by the time the doctors opened at 8:30 the pain had subsided enough to allow me to sleep. Not the ideal way to spend one of my holidays, but it did teach me an interesting lesson.

I no longer have any fear of dying, I am sure that it is simply part of the Wheel of Life. I have no desire to hasten it’s onset, but I am ready when my time is done.

Cool Head – Warm Heart

Sometimes all it takes to resolve an insurmountable issue is a cool head and a warm heart.

Wisdom, Courage and Compassion … isn’t that Buddhahood? Not that I intend to make a habit of it, but a good result for all parties involved, I believe.

What did you expect, War and Peace? I’m on holiday.

Every Day – Another Little Test

Following a very nice day comprising, though not in order of niceness, getting my car serviced, eating croissants for breakfast, walking in the sunshine and going to our favourite Thai restaurant, there was a stern test of my practice stuck to the windscreen of my car.

Yes, a parking ticket, only the third I have been served in 55 years of this particular lifetime.

Not totally impressed with how I coped, but I’ve already paid it online and I’ve put it down experience, yet more poison into medicine.

As we all know, even Parking Wardens love their parents, partners and children, and have a portion of Buddhahood within them.


When Less Is More

There are times when the less you say, the louder the message becomes.

A wonderful day, shared chanting, closeness and fresh air and sunshine, who could ask for more.

Branksome ChineOk, I know it’s the Worlds of Rapture, Hunger, Animality as well as the other seven in various measures all rolled into one.

So a real world case of ichinen sanzen, 3000 worlds in one moment.

Enough said.

Good Things

Good things, they say, come to those who wait.

The good news is that it’s true and having waited months for a joyous reunion, my partner is home again.

When she left, back in July, my life went on hold for a while. But the suffering it caused made me seek a way to overcome it and I found Nichiren Buddhism as a result. A good case of poison into medicine if you will.

Now she is back, I am on a different path through life and we are both better for the change.

The wait was definitely worth it.

Whoo Hooo – A Whole Week Off

We have a whole week off, starting today, and we’re going to make the most of it.

Perfect timing, after the recent frost, for a trip to Westonbirt Arboretum.

Autumn Leaves

That magical link between nature and the very life-force of man enhanced by immersing yourself in the forest.

Autumn is maybe the most beautiful season, all those amazing reds, yellows, gold and brown as the trees prepare for winter.

And yet, Autumn is like the twilight years we will all experience as we come towards the end of our lives.

It’s reassuring to know, that just like Winter follows Autumn and Spring follows Winter, year in, year out, time without end, rebirth follows death and the Wheel of Life is just as certain.

We all enjoy the beauty of Autumn, and we can all enjoy the certainty of knowing that, even though life also cycles through the seasons, that our rebirth means we can enjoy every stage, from cradle to grave.

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