Mmm … That Friday Feeling

TGIFWell it’s taken a whole seven days to get here, but finally Friday has arrived again.

I know what you are saying, you were going to fill every minute, of every day, with sixty seconds of gainful employment, and I have.

But doing that doesn’t stop me being pleased that, arguably, the best day of the week has put in a much appreciated appearance at last.

The weather looks like it’s going to be a bit pants over the weekend, but that can’t stop us having fun if we are determined to make the most of our days off.

It was a funny old week up to Wednesday, but having realised that I was beginning to wish my days away, put me in a good place to boost my life-energies through chanting and that raised my life-state.

Being in one of the higher worlds really does put a sunny outlook on everything and everyone, so I hope you can manage to join me, and that you too are going to have a really great weekend.

86 Today – Happy Birthday Mom

My Mom, 86 years old today !!!It’s my Mother’s birthday today. Happy Birthday Mom, congratulations on another fabulous year!!!

I bought her a voice recorder, to help her collate the many memories compiled over the years. Now all she has to do is learn how to use it.

She is a practicing Christian, a Methodist as some of you may already know.

It’s interesting to compare the Christian background I was brought up in and Mom’s Methodist Religion, and the Buddhist Practice I now choose.

Interesting too, that Nichiren Buddhism is an atheist belief system, which fits my way of thinking much more closely.

Any way, Happy Birthday Mom, and many happy returns too.

On Remaining Strong

The Reflected MoonSome days we are strong, some days not so strong. Remaining strong requires understanding our faith, Nichiren explains …

When water is clear, the moon is reflected. When the wind blows, the trees shake. Our minds are like the water.

Faith that is weak is like muddy water, while faith that is brave is like clear water. Understand that the trees are like principles, and the wind that shakes them is like the recitation of the sutra.

                                                   ~ Nichiren

On Inner Happiness

develop within ourselves a brilliant inner palaceSuch things as money, fame, and material possessions offer a fleeting satisfaction, something that can be called relative happiness.

However, when we transform our lives internally, when we develop within ourselves a brilliant inner palace, then we can be said to have established absolute happiness.

If we develop a state of mind as vast and resplendent as a magnificent palace, then nothing—no matter where we go or what we may encounter in life-can undermine or destroy our happiness.

~ Daisaku Ikeda

About Illusion

About Illusion - What do you really see?We are weird creatures aren’t we? We see the world through amazing eyes, and still we manage to put our own spin on reality. Let true reality find its way into your consciousness.

Illusion about the true nature of existence is literally illusion about the nature of one’s own life. This is the fundamental source of all illusions.

If we are ignorant about the nature of our own existence, then we will be ignorant about the nature of other people’s lives too.

On the other hand, when our lives are free from illusion, we perceive the treasure that shines resplendent in all people. in all beings.

On Tranquillity

On TranquillitySometimes the World of Tranquillity can be a true blessing, a lull after a period of intense effort.

At other times it can be like the dying notes of a moving piece of music, the echoes of the most magnificent firework display.

Maybe the biggest difference between the two is whether you wished for Tranquillity or not.

If you do wish for it, Tranquillity can be the most restful of time, if not it can be as quiet as the grave, peaceful but not something which you might actively desire.

If you find yourself becalmed in a world of Tranquillity, chanting will raise your life-state and get the energies flowing again.

It’s So Easy To Let It Slide

Fundamental DarknessChallenges we set ourselves can be easy, or they can be hard. Generally speaking, the challenges that are worth setting, take us well out of our comfort zone. So what is the secret of success in such a situation?

Well speaking from my own experience, it is all about confidence and determination. My weight loss ‘regime’, if you can call it that, was set in motion through a determination to get into shape, both physically and in terms of my own self image. Now there is a further challenge, to stay that way for good.

It’s easy to put off till tomorrow, that which you should start today, and to give in today, promising that you will put things right tomorrow. Feelings like that are normal. It is our Fundamental Darkness talking us into wrong thoughts and deeds. The only weapon we have against it, and we all have those thoughts, is our determination to succeed. By imagining that our Dark Passenger,  as I prefer to call it, is actually something outside ourselves, we can mentally argue our case and, through determination, change our actions.

Success is sweet, failure is bitter and the only difference between the two is determination. Any goal, no matter how large or how small, is only unattainable if you lack the determination to go on.

No cause is lost until you decide that it is lost. So ignore, or better still defeat your Fundamental Darkness, have confidence in yourself, be determined, and never, ever give up. In that way, you will always be a winner, will achieve your goals, and be forever tasting that sweet taste of success.

The Goal – World Peace

Dove Of PeaceThe world’s population is around seven and a quarter billion, and our small planet is obviously not getting any bigger.

To support all these hungry mouths we have to collaborate more closely than ever, to stop fighting and start farming in sustainable ways.

All those hundreds of years ago, Nichiren was utterly convinced we could change even the most dire and painful reality, including the danger of war, and indeed that it was imperative that we do so.

This conviction underlies his unwavering determination to create a peaceful society by disseminating the teachings of Buddhism. This is why we are working with endless determination, to achieve Kosen Rufu, World Peace.

Do You Know What You Are Eating?

Factory FarmingAs a vegan, I don’t eat any meat, fish or dairy products, and for a good reasons.

First and foremost, I don’t feel that I have the right to eat our fellow earthlings. Secondly, it is well documented that animals suffer all manner of cruelty and hardship as they are reared for slaughter. And thirdly, there is little or no documentation or meaningful labelling of the meat, fish or dairy products consumed by those who are not vegan.

If a stranger came up to you in the street, and offered you something to eat, would to accept it? Of course not, you don’t know the person, you don’t know the contents or safety of the item they are offering. So why do you eat products offered by shops and supermarkets?

What we need is a deal more courage and wisdom in our eating habits. The courage to ask more questions and to demand real answers, and the wisdom to see that behind the attractive slogans and packaging, there is a litany of deceit and misinformation.

If you don’t believe me, maybe you will believe the BBC … read more

Keeping It Real

RipplesIt appears that there are now over six hundred people following my blog, so I need to continue to think carefully about the things I post.

Each topic will be, however small, a source for potential change in those who read it.

One of the principles of Nichiren Buddhism is that of the Oneness of Self and the Environment.

If you drop a pebble, no matter how small, into a pond, the ripples spread out in all directions and interact with everything in their path.

This principle states that there is a connection between the person and others around him or her. It is therefore clear that changes in our life-state, the way we relate or react to others and changes due to our Practice will affect those whose lives we interact with.

Some of these affects are very obvious. If we walk around with a happy demeanour, we find that people are more likely to be pleasant towards us. If, on the other hand, we walk around in a bad mood, with a scowl on our face, we find that people are less friendly and may try to avoid us completely.

Ok, so no rocket science there then, but there are more subtle ways in which changes can be felt. In my own case, my Practice has allowed me to stabilise my life-state, generally I am now more often in the higher Worlds than lower ones. The result of that is that I am better placed to create value, for myself and those around me.

My Practice has changed me and those changes are affecting others. That’s why it is so important for me to ensure that as these changes take place, my Wisdom, Courage and Compassion increases too, so I can make sure the changes are all good ones.

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