Mmm … That Friday Feeling

TGIFWell it’s taken a whole seven days to get here, but finally Friday has arrived again.

I know what you are saying, you were going to fill every minute, of every day, with sixty seconds of gainful employment, and I have.

But doing that doesn’t stop me being pleased that, arguably, the best day of the week has put in a much appreciated appearance at last.

The weather looks like it’s going to be a bit pants over the weekend, but that can’t stop us having fun if we are determined to make the most of our days off.

It was a funny old week up to Wednesday, but having realised that I was beginning to wish my days away, put me in a good place to boost my life-energies through chanting and that raised my life-state.

Being in one of the higher worlds really does put a sunny outlook on everything and everyone, so I hope you can manage to join me, and that you too are going to have a really great weekend.

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  1. frayserjay
    Oct 31, 2014 @ 15:10:35

    i find the best thing to do when the weather is crap is put on your wetsuit and jump in the sea…. if the waves are big go have fun… but be careful… if no waves buy a mask and go freediving… or just swimming for a mile or so… i feel brilliant when I have been swimming, the coldness goes after 10 to 15 minutes, body adjusts, can’t tell you how good it is for me! wetsuits are amazing…


  2. frayserjay
    Nov 01, 2014 @ 00:14:37

    did I say wetsuits… I meant to say catsuits 😉


  3. frayserjay
    Nov 01, 2014 @ 17:38:43

    hey… you might find this article I just wrote interesting…. or not 🙂


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