Decisions, Decisions

Stick Like GlueWhen you make a difficult decision for all the right reasons, stick to that decision.

Whether it is painful, or you convince yourself that it was a mistake, stick to that decision.

Back tracking, skirting round the issue, being persuaded to change your mind, what ever it may be, will end in tears.

So … stick to that decision !!!

Practice To Shine

The World of BuddhahoodNichiren Buddhists believe that, not only does everyone hold the World of Buddhahood within them, but that it can be achieved within this lifetime.

Think about that, everyone you know has the potential to reach Buddhahood, your family, friends, work colleagues, everyone. And not only those people you like, but those you don’t like too.

But how do we achieve this state of Buddhahood? The Daishonin had this to say …

“When deluded, one is called an ordinary being, but when enlightened, one is called a Buddha.  This is similar to a tarnished mirror, that will shine like a jewel when polished.

A mind now clouded by the illusions of the innate darkness of life is like a tarnished mirror, but when polished, it is sure it become like a clear mirror, reflecting the essential nature of phenomena, and the true aspect of reality.

Arouse deep faith, and diligently polish your mirror day and night. How should you polish it? Only by chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo.”

So there you have it, a simple Practice, so easy to learn that, when applied with faith and diligence, will allow you to reveal the Buddha in each and every one of us.

The Global Society

Global SocietyAs Globalisation proceeds, we enter an age in which everybody’s actions strongly influence everybody else.

When we realise this, we can then alter our mind-set and strive to build a global society of mutual coexistence and mutual prosperity.

This will be done by going beyond devotion to the interests of the nation-state and devoting ourselves to the interests of all humanity.

As Dr Martin Luther King said, ‘Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere’.

The key to the solution is the imagination to care for others.

It is the empathising heart, or what Buddhists mean when they talk about mercy.

Live To The Max

Live Life To The MaxIf you think about it, although we may not be destined to die five minutes from now, we are all, without exception, going to die at some point. We can count on it 100%. There is nothing surer than this.

Victor Hugo said, “We are all under sentence of death, but with a sort of indefinite reprieve.”

Ideally, we should live every minute of our lives valuably, as if it were the last moment of our lives. Those who live aimlessly are left with a sense of emptiness at the end of their lives, but those who live all-out, striving right to the end, will die peacefully.

Leonardo da Vinci said “As a well-spent day brings happy sleep, so life well used brings happy death.”

One aware that death could come at any time, will live each day to the fullest.

You Can Lead A Horse To Water

You Can Lead A Horse To WaterYou know the old adage, ‘you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink’. I believe it means that you can introduce an idea to someone, but you can’t make them accept the suggestion.

So it is with Nichiren Buddhism, or in fact any religion, but let’s talk about Buddhism in this instance.

I have many friends who show an interest in my Practice. They ask lots of questions, often offer their views and sometimes will join me in Daimoku or Gongyo.

I find that the most difficult thing about this, is to feed their inquisitive nature without allowing my own enthusiasm to take over. It is so easy to appear evangelical and that can be a most unattractive trait, particularly for someone who is just taking the first tentative steps.

If you were teaching a child to swim, you wouldn’t take them to the poolside, explain a little about how to do the breast stroke and then push them into the deep end to experience it for themselves. At best, they might flounder their way back to the side, never to ask you for guidance ever again, at worst they might get into real difficulties, need rescuing and develop such a phobia, that they would never go near deep water again.

And so it can be with Buddhism. Like learning to swim, Buddhist practice can open up amazing new vistas on the world and be a life-long pleasure, but it has to be introduced gently, wisely and at the right pace for each and every individual.

To try to rush someone into Buddhism, or swimming for that matter, may be depriving that person of a life-changing journey, so show some wisdom and let them go at their own pace.


TranquillitySometimes the World of Tranquillity can be a true blessing, a lull after a period of intense work.

Sometimes it can be be like the dying notes of a moving piece of music, the echoes of the most magnificent firework display.

Maybe the biggest difference between the two is whether you wish for Tranquillity or not.

If you do wish for it, Tranquillity can be the most restful of time, if not it can be like the quiet of the grave, peaceful but not something which you might actively desire.

Sun, Sea And Steam Engines

Another glorious day on the Dorset coast.

Swanage Bay

A quick bimble over to Norden to catch the steam train down to Swanage, what could be more perfect? Well a carriage that isn’t full of parents, whose idea of a nice day out didn’t include playing rap on their mobiles and shouting at their children about anything and everything maybe?

Locomotive EddistoneEvery time something like this happens, I realise that Buddhism and life are one and the same thing. Having the patience to let the rumpus drift away like the plumes of steam from the engine is something that has to be cultivated over time, but I’m slowly getting there.

Realising that these people are simply another aspect of life, and that they have as much right to enjoy their day out, however that may be, takes Wisdom and Compassion.

So a little more chanting and taking time to enjoy the photographs of the railway and Swanage bay may just do the trick.

Sore Feet And A Touch Of Sunburn

Sea Cadet Training ShipWhat another glorious day, sunshine from dawn to dusk and a full and tiring time.

The walk into Poole, via Hamworthy Park, is short enough to be an achievable quest, and long enough to let your legs tell you when you are successful.

It made a very pleasant change from sitting in front of a PC for hour after hour, and it is the contrasts in life that make life worthwhile.

So the sun, sea and a little of the World of Tranquillity have done the world of good, and those batteries are charging nicely.

Buddhism And Life

BuddhaBuddhism does not ask “What religion does this person follow?” but “What is this person’s state of life?”

Buddhism exists to enable all people to cultivate and manifest the world of Buddhahood in their lives.

Society is a realm of discrimination and distinctions, but Buddhism transcends all superficial differences and focuses directly on life.

Recharging The Batteries

Recharging The BatteriesI was musing today, about the fact that there are no Buddhist bank holidays in the UK. I’m not sure if they have banks in Tibet, but I’m sure if they do, that they have Buddhist bank holidays.

Anyway, with luck, we all have a short respite from work, a time to chant, take stock and to recharge our physical and spiritual batteries.

They have promised us nice weather, so it will probably rain, but even so, we’re at the seaside and because we’re British, we’ll jolly well enjoy ourselves, come rain or shine.

Have a nice break everyone.

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