Nuclear Energy – Your Choice

Ban The BombWe had a very lively and informative discussion this evening at Jayne and Ken’s.

After Gongyo, the topic under the spotlight was nuclear energy and nuclear weapons, whether either can be regarded as a good thing, and if not, how would we go about reducing and finally removing their use altogether.

Simon chaired the meeting, and came up with some very frightening figures in terms of the number of nuclear warheads still in existence. Some 25,000 by all accounts, enough to destroy all life on this beautiful planet of ours, several times over.

We also discussed the alternatives to nuclear power stations. In the light of the terrible situation in Japan, non of us were very happy with the prospect of building more nuclear power stations in this country, but what are the alternatives?

Wind, wave, solar, even hydrogen powered cars, all were mentioned, but I, playing devil’s advocate, wondered whether any, or all of these actually present a realistic alternative in terms of ‘on demand’ power generation. Of course, reducing our individual power needs would reduce the World’s need for energy. We must all ‘do our bit’.

We came to the conclusion that nuclear is a necessary evil at present, though weapons must go, and that must be accomplished through a change in the public psyche. The acceptance that killing thousands of citizens, whether of a different race, political idealism, or religion is totally wrong. We must show the politicians that we will no longer accept their feeble excuses and explain to them that they are our employees, rather than we, their pawns.

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