Is It Going To Be A Good Friday?

The Wheel of LifeThe next phase of our web project is nearing completion, and not before time.

With over a million items of stock to be carefully catalogued and stored in the database and a brand new website with well over a hundred pages to be designed, created and published, it has been a labour of love.

The launch date, planned for next Tuesday and the onset of the inevitable teething problems that ever such project encounters, we look set to be working into and maybe over the Easter break.

It struck me that as a Buddhist, Easter should not be such an important festival. Of course I respect all other religions and their important events. But Easter may be one of the closest encounters that Christianity and Buddhism have throughout the year, because of the not small matter of reincarnation.

Of course Christians do not consider that Jesus was reincarnated, they believe that he rose after the third day, and after meeting with a few of his disciples, rose up to Heaven to sit at the right hand of God.

Buddhists believe that we all, some say forty nine days, but certainly shortly after passing on from this life, come back, reincarnated in another life, over and over again.

What is clear, is that neither belief can be proven beyond doubt, but both offer a strong message of hope for us when we come to the end of this life.

The one big difference that I see in this, is that the Buddhist belief brings a certain continuity to the process. If you believe that the karma in your next life is the result of the causes we make in this life, I feel there is a real incentive to make good causes in order to lay the path for our next life.

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