A Legend In My Own Lunchtime

Daisaku IkedaToday was our HQ study meeting, around forty like minded people descended on the sleepy village of Durweston to chant, learn, chat and spend time together.

As usual there were lots of people who seemed to know me, or about me, whose names I instantly forget. I really must sort out some process to stop this happening.

Many familiar faces were there, Ken and Jayne, Boots, Simon and Jack, Thierry and a few of the folks from Salisbury and it’s always a pleasure to meet with them all.

After Gongyo we watched a couple of videos on Sensei’s lectures in Japan and his visit to Hong Kong. It is fifty years since he spread the message of Nichiren Buddhism to Hong Kong and Europe. It was noticeable how formal the lecture was in Japan, everyone dressed the same, responding in the same way and set times, very different to the way things are in the UK. Sensei is such an amazing man, a man who has dedicated his life to spreading the message of Buddhism and Kosen-Rufu.

Then came the nerve wracking bit. Ken had asked me to do a five minute talk on my experience of finding the Practice and a few thoughts on receiving the Gohonzon last week. I think it went ok, and standing in front of a group of friends is not the most daunting prospect. Everyone was very kind, laughed at my little jokes and clapped when it was over.

Later in the day, my initial thoughts were that the speed I have been so readily accepted into the SGI fold has surprised me. A month ago I had no Buddhist friends at all and yet here I am, the topic of conversation all over the area and having already received Gohonzon. Very humbling, but very nice to be part of such a friendly and dedicated group. I hope I can live up to expectations and, more importantly, give back to the group as much, or more, support as they have given me.

So the legend bit is obviously very tongue in cheek, but I would like to thank everyone for making me feel so welcome.

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

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