Sheer Lunacy

Pastor Terry JonesPastors Wayne Sapp and Terry Jones’ publicity stunt, burning a copy of the Koran in church in Florida, has resulted in tragic consequences. A United Nations compound in the Afghanistan city of Mazar-e Sharif has been attacked by a mob, resulting in the deaths of several people on both sides of the incident.

Let us, just for one minute, examine the act by the two pastors in terms of Wisdom, Courage and Compassion.

Wisdom: Pastor Jones had seemed to show a modicum of wisdom when he refrained from a previous burning to ‘commemorate’ the 9-11 attack on the World Trade buildings. Sadly, that appears to have been a short lived bout, and he has again been shown to lack any kind of wisdom by associating himself with Pastor Sapp’s event.

Courage: The burning took place in Florida on March 20th. A pretty brave act, so far away from Afghanistan? The two men have used this stunt to raise their profiles at the expense of the UN staff killed today. There is no courage in such an action. Pastor Jones has even disclaimed any responsibility for any reaction to this crass act.

Compassion: The Wikipedia definition of compassion is ‘co-suffering’ or suffering together. All the major world religions list compassion as one of the most important virtues. So how does this act, by two pastors, fit into this meaning? Obviously it doesn’t, unless they actually want copies of the Bible to be burnt in Afghanistan, which I doubt.

My friend Cindy asked ‘Why can’t we all live together’ on Facebook yesterday. Well sadly Cindy, it is because of people like this. There just isn’t enough Wisdom, Courage or Compassion in the world.

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