Spread the Word – Share the Joy

That makes me sound like a ‘60s flower child, doesn’t it?

I was a bit too young to really take part in the Swinging Sixties, with their free love, flower power and peace signs. It must have been a very exciting time, so much was happening, in so many ways.

That’s how I feel about my new experiences through chanting. The world is suddenly a brighter, more enjoyable place to be and I really want everyone to know.

Of course, trying to explain how Nichiren Buddhism can transform your life is not something you can do on the tube or in your local, uninvited At least not without clearing the carriage, or the snug of the Red Lion, at one fell swoop.

So apart from swapping Buddhism lessons for Yoga sessions with my girlfriend, I am also chanting more for others than for myself, for their health, wealth and happiness, and being willing to discuss my practice if people want to hear.

I like the way this new world of Bodhisattva, well largely new to me, makes me feel, and I have this increasing urge to do things for others, rather than for me.

What a wonderful world we would live in, if we all felt the same way.

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