A Whole New Brightness

I’m sorry I keep enthusing about what is happening to me, but it’s so very exciting.

My whole life has taken on a new level of brightness, of excitement and my awareness of it and my own life-states have been brought into shaper focus.

Now I am a Nichiren Newbie, my chanting goes back a few months, so I am still coming to grips with the effects. If you have never chanted, you must try it.

I cannot begin to describe how those effects are changing everything, yes everything, but I want to tell you about a walk I took tonight, and my observations of it.

It was my normal walk, I go the same way on a regular basis, only changed by a minor detour depending on the state of the tide. If  the tide is out, I walk out of the back of our estate, along the beach to the slipway at the end of  Lake Road.


Turning into Branksome Avenue I walk along to Hamworthy Park, turn right to the beach and then walk around the park and back home.

It’s a lovely walk, quiet, relaxing, with wonderful fresh air and regular jaw-dropping sunsets. But tonight was even more special. I was listening to The Reluctant Buddhist and had chanted before I left, so I suppose I was ‘in the zone’.

As I walked along the shoreline there was an angling competition taking place (or plaice) and there were anglers sitting every 25 yards along the beach. They were all concentrating on their fishing tackle, almost transfixed, but virtually every one turned and smiled or said hello to me. I wasn’t wearing my mankini, or anything to make me look out of place, so this came as a nice surprise.


As I walked on, I saw a Heron sitting at the waters edge. It too turned to look at me, but it didn’t stir and never looked perturbed by my approach.

I rounded the end of the park and headed back towards home. The path takes me through a short avenue of trees and as I looked towards the sunset I was aware of a number of silhouettes flitting around my head, they were bats.

I stood there, transfixed by these beautiful little creatures. They flew around me, ever closer, so close that I felt I could have reached out and touched them. It was a magical moment.

I complete my journey with a smile on my face and an inner glow at being so fortunate.

Having taken time to think about my experience, I believe it is another proof of the success of my practice, that I am gradually becoming more at one with our universe, and that my life-state is changing in such a way as to let me see the world in a whole new way.

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