Stay Calm – See Results

Oneness of Self and the EnvironmentHaving been a bit down over the last few days, I have put the chanting into overdrive. Not only has this raised my life-energy levels and put me in a much higher life-state, but it has improved my mood and my enthusiasm as a result.

It is also worth noting that it has also had a similar effect on those around me. Of course the principle of Oneness of Self and Its Environment predicts such effects, so I am not surprised. However, the magnitude of the effects has been slightly surprising, proving once again that the more you chant, the greater the effect. Simple cause and effect theory.

So with the weekend to look forward to, and being in exactly the right frame of mind to enjoy it, it should be a cracker. With a 70’s theme party to go to on Saturday night, it’s going to be fun choosing a costume. Then it’s off to Birmingham on Sunday with B and her mum, to see my mum for Mother’s day.

Staying calm, assessing the situation and my mind-set, taking the appropriate action has brought the desired results. Why am I not surprised, it works every time.

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