Super Soggy Sunday

Espresso With MarshmallowsEven the atrocious weather didn’t put a dampener on a lovely Sunday. The rain was coming down by the bucketful as B and I made our way to the Porto Lounge in Fishponds, but we managed to park nearby and didn’t get too wet getting to the cafe.

It was interesting to get a first hand account of how Charlotte and Hannah view the changes in me since becoming a Nichiren Buddhist. Being honest, I don’t like to think about the way I was before the ‘conversion’, but hearing their thoughts did put a slightly different slant on things.

Charlotte is the quieter and maybe more sensitive of the two, Hannah tells it like it is and doesn’t pull her punches. So it was a bit of an eye-opener to find that it is Hannah who is more prepared to see the changes at face value, with Charlotte letting time tell the true story.

Needless to say, we had a really nice time together, great relaxed atmosphere as always in the Porto Lounge and tasty food as usual. We did have a laugh at the reaction from the waiter, when he found that I was the one drinking the espresso with mini marshmallows. I guess that’s typically a bit more of a girlie drink, but I have to admit I do have a sweet tooth.

Anyway, it’s always nice to get together and talk, and it was good that Charlotte and Bridget got to meet, finally. Seeing the situation from other viewpoints is always good, as I keep saying, but I think we all had fun, even though Charlotte was tired and full of cold. And the DIY did get done in the afternoon too, so another fun and productive day. Just perfect.

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