Super Saturday

Spring SunshineThe plan for today had been to get up, chant and then get some DIY done so that we could spend time down by the river Frome tomorrow. But as with all plans, a degree of flexibility never goes amiss. The weather forecast says it’s going to rain on Sunday, so it made far better sense to chant and then enjoy today’s sunshine leaving the DIY for tomorrow.

Following an exploratory expedition into Plastic Wax records to see the one and only Mr Dave Kellard, we headed off up Gloucester Road to see what ethnic delights awaited us. For those who don’t know the area, it is an eclectic mix of small privately own emporiums with the odd corporate coffee shop thrown in for bad measure.

It was interesting to see that a chap had set up a one-man demonstration outside Costa, to express his feelings about the apparently unstoppable encroachment of coffee shops,  fast food and mini supermarkets. He has a point, without the little private shops, the whole character of the place would change forever.

Having bought a nice freshly baked loaf from The Bread Shop (imaginatively named) and taken it home for lunch with a selection of yummy cheeses, we took a not-so-leisurely walk along the river. B’s daughter Josie, is a very free spirit and took us off the path most travelled over fallen trees, through piles of leaf litter and up onto a rock escapement.

From there we could get a totally different view of the river, as well as the people and their dogs who were enjoying the warm spring sunshine. It was great to get out in the fresh air, to have the sunshine on our faces and to be able to make the most of such a beautiful natural amenity. No doubt the DIY will rear it’s ugly head tomorrow, but at least we have the memories of today.

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