Mothering Sunday

I ♥ My MomWhat a lovely day, spent with three mothers, B, her mum and mine. The journey from Bristol to Sutton Coldfield was made all the more pleasant with Scheherazade playing on the CD player accompanied by copious amounts of Love Hearts.

It was the first time B and her mum had met my mum and it was nice to hear mum relating the stories about how she met my dad and tales about our family homes around Sutton.

A lovely lunch and a guided tour of the garden made the time fly by and soon it was time to say our goodbyes. Having dropped B’s mum back home, B’s children Sam and Josie and little granddaughter Merrin came round to the cottage for the evening, so a lovely Mother’s day was had by all. Mum’s are the most important people in the world, for without them, non of us would be here.

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