Cardinal Sin?

Cardinal Keith O'BrienAm I just being picky, or is it a nasty case of double standards for the Catholic Church, the same church that condones, or at least covers up paedophilia in its clerical ranks, to be kicking up such a stink about same sex marriage?

Cardinal Keith O’Brien, leader of the Catholic Church in Scotland, has set out his opposition to the Government’s plans to legalise same sex marriage, likening it to reintroducing legalised slavery. Either the man has been spending too much time near the incense burners, or he is totally out of touch with our liberal modern society.

I did have a little chuckle to myself, listening to John Humphrys interviewing the Cardinal on Today on Radio 4 this morning. Cardinal O’Brien floundered around and sounded flustered by Mr Humphrys’ questions, but it seems rather two faced when compared to the Catholic Church’s bungled cover-up of a number of paedophile cases involving their own priests around the world.

Surely the principle of personal responsibility should come into play in all cases like these. Whilst I do not pretend to understand the nature of homosexuality, I am totally prepared to accept it as a fact of life, and would never condemn such relationships simply because they do not conform to my own views. If two people love each other and want to enter into an institution that shows their commitment to one another, does it matter whether they are both of the same sex?

Having said all that, I do think we have to be careful not to tar the entire Catholic Church with the same dogmatic brush, but incidences such as this cannot serve to promote respect of such institutions. Life has moved on in the two thousand years since Christianity was born and the church has to accept that. What will they want to bring back next, the burning of witches?

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