The Best Of Times

Cancer Research UKAnyone who has lived with cancer, or is related to someone who has, will know that it lurks in your mind just as much as it does in the sufferers body. Even after successful treatment, that niggling doubt remains, is it gone, or just hiding somewhere, ready to spring back up at some time?

Charlotte had a ‘routine’ scan last week, although in truth, there is no such thing following surgery, chemo and radiotherapy, and the results were promised yesterday. The whole family were on tenterhooks, waiting for the phone call from the hospital. So imagine the stress I was under when there was no news, so I chant, chant, and chant some more.

They say that ‘no news is good news’ but was all but climbing the walls waiting. There was still no news by the time I left work, so I was left in a quandary. Should I call Charlotte to find out? Had she received bad news, so didn’t want to call me? Going slowly crazy and preferring to know the score either way, I made the call.

‘Oh, I was just going to text you’ she says, ‘they haven’t called, though I did miss a call this afternoon’ … argh !!! Honestly, not knowing is far worse than knowing the worst. At least when you know, you can deal with the challenge. Talking it over, we managed to convince ourselves that the caller, who left no number or voicemail, was probably the hospital, and that made us feel a little better.

So imagine the collective sigh of relief, when just before 10:00 this morning, Charlotte sent a text that simply said ‘All clear :-)’ The very best news we could have had. So life continues to be a rollercoaster ride of emotions, and my practice, although being pushed hard, is holding up just fine.

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