Fun And Games

On the night shiftMonday, first proper day of the holiday and a task list as long as your arm. the problem was, most of the tasks required the purchase of this or that component before they could be completed. Both B and I have a serious allergy to shopping, so this could get messy.

We decided that we should make a master list, but as we all know, that is often easier said than done. We tried to break down the items into form or function and also into possible source store. It all looked logical, but it didn’t work out quite the way it was planned.

We spent the whole day going round the usual DIY suspects, and made a few of the required purchases, and several that weren’t. It was a lot of fun actually, and although we didn’t manage to find everything, we did come home with a very comfortable new toilet seat. The ultimate impulse buy.

I did get chance to talk to my mum, who sounded a lot better than yesterday, but was not back to normal by any means. She said that she had been drinking plenty, so hopefully she is on the mend.

Getting home around 5:00 and after a yummy diner and a few minor projects we got news that B’s dad was being taken into Frenchay hospital again, he was in there a couple of weeks ago, so the rest of the evening was spent waiting to be summonsed to go in so B could tell the staff about Ivor’s needs.

It was just after 2:00am when we finally got back home, a rather long day, and although Ivor is settled and sleeping, not the way we would have planned it.

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