I Don’t Like Mondays !!!

I don't like Mondays !!!Having had a lovely relaxing Sunday, today has been like having a bucket of icy cold water thrown over me. Over A hundred emails waiting in my inbox, a small, but important misunderstanding and various other challenges have meant that I feel like nothing really got done today.

Of course, it’s always busiest on a Monday, with all the weekend issues to deal with, but today has felt like skiing uphill. Good job I chanted most of the way back from Bristol to Ringwood, poison into medicine and all that good stuff. Remembering back to how it used to be before Nichiren made me feel a whole lot better.

And now the day is over, and everything is back to normal again. Nobody died or got eaten by bears, and best of all, my inbox will be almost empty in the morning. So it’s just a case of thinking happy thoughts and letting the waves of anguish fade gently away against the solid foundations of calm and reason.

So just to put it all into perspective, I know from personal experience, that it is a lot better to have too much work to do, than have none at all. A little gratitude for the good things in life makes the bad things melt away, but it’s easy to say that now.

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