No Rush

Lazy DayToday was the first day of our holiday, and we had such plans. Some guy from a well known double glazing company was due to arrive about 10:00 so we were planning to get up and eat breakfast in good time. In the event, he called to say that he had a family emergency and couldn’t make it. B thought it was sad and felt sorry for him, I was a little less than convinced.

Anyway, whether it was true, or whether he saw how beautiful the weather was and decided to head for the coast, was immaterial, we had nothing planned for the rest of the morning. So we went back to bed, and talked and talked and talked. Living apart gives us both space, but there is always so much to discuss when we are together.

We also slept, even though we had both slept well last night. I’ve spoken before about recharging the batteries, and today was just such a day. In the end, we got up about 4:00pm, a very lazy day. J & H popped in for a cup of tea and a chat, we did a bit of shopping and went over to see B’s mum, but that was about it.

We have a ton of things to do this week, DIY, paperwork, all sorts, but it couldn’t have been finished today or tomorrow, and taking some time to relax has put us in a good place to begin in earnest on Monday.

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