The Read To Enlightenment (pun intended)

The Buddha, Geoff and MeAnyone who follows my blog will be sick and tired of hearing about The Buddha, Geoff and Me, but I make no excuses for mentioning it yet again. I listen to it, in audiobook form, all the time at home, on my smartphone and in the car and suggest people read or listen to it if they show an interest in Nichiren Buddhism.

It’s an amazing, invigorating and enlightening story about a young man’s relationship and growing friendship with a Buddhist, Geoff, who attempts to teach him the basics of the religion and covers many aspects of the philosophy and practice. For anyone, interested in Nichiren Buddhism, its teachings and practices, this book covers the basics in a most readable form.

If you find the story as enthralling and the lessons as invaluable as I did, this book will transform your thinking, help you to control your mood (life states) and lead you towards a more meaningful life. Give it a try, and chant your way towards enlightenment, it’s a wonderful and life changing experience.

Buy the book here or listen to it in podcast form here.

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