Super Sunny Smiles

Sunny DayWhat a beautiful day!!! I know we have a water shortage here in Dorset, as do many areas of the UK, but it’s difficult to wish for rain on such a glorious summer-like day. The sun is streaming down, warming the shoots of Spring and putting a smile on everyone’s face.

Just to make things even better, our company results were released today, showing we have turned a decent profit, even in these austere times, and it’s my last day at work for a whole week. Marvellous!!!

Sunshine, good news and holidays are great at raising your life-state. It’s very difficult to be in hell-state when the world looks so warm and inviting. In a similar way, when we are chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo, we feel the warmth of our faith and that also gives the world around us a sunny disposition.

On this wonderful sunny day it’s impossible to feel depressed, and my practice simply serves to make a good day even better.

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