Techno Trouble

My Blue Truth HeadcaseIt’s lunchtime, I need to pop into the town to shop and get cash, I jump in the car and head off. I decide to try to give B a ring. She’s probably busy, but I try anyway. I double click the call button on my Bluetooth headset, last number redial and I hear the ringtone.

‘You’ve been forwarded to the voicemail box for 07********, please leave a message at the tone’ says the lady on the other end. I was right, B’s busy and can’t take the call. Shall I hang up, or shall I leave her a message. I decide to do the latter, so in my huskiest voice I say …

‘Hi Bumble, it’s only me. I just called to tell you I love you, but you knew that already. Have a lovely afternoon and we’ll speak later. Love you, bye’

By now I’ve found my parking spot and I trundle off round town, pick up a few groceries and ask for cash-back so I don’t have to join the ruck at the bank. I stop to buy a Big Issue from the lady who always sits outside Sainsbury’s, then back to the car and the office.

No response from B, but that’s not unusual, she has precious little time to call or even text during the day. But then Guy, my boss says ‘I had a missed call from you at 1:05, was it important?’

‘Missed call? I don’t think so’ I say, and I check my phone. Sure enough, there’s a record of a call at 1:05, to Guy, and I wonder why. Then the penny drops. I had called him on my way to work, the traffic was bad and I thought I was going to be late, so he was my last call, and he was the unwitting recipient of my message to B !!!

I confess to the crime, praying that we won’t play the message in the office, he does. Well he starts to, and then decides that discretion is the better part of valour and deletes it. So another lesson learned. Don’t trust technology in matters of the heart, it can go horribly wrong and could get you into a lot of hot water. It was pretty funny though and it’s no secret anyway.

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