Stairway To Heaven

Stairway to HeavenYou know that feeling, when you have been struggling with a 5000 piece jigsaw of the Trooping of the Colour, and you finally slot in the very last piece? Well I didn’t have that feeling today, although another huge piece in this puzzle we laughingly call The Cottage, namely the stair carpet, went in today!

It had started rather badly. We were supposed to have four of the gripper rods screwed to two particularly tricky stairs (I won’t burden you with the details) before Clayton, the carpet fitter, arrived to fit the new carpet to the stairs and landing. But as are the universal laws governing such things, it took much longer than expected.

I could. at this point, discuss Blake’s Law of Task Management, which states that irrespective of the care or detail lavished on the estimation of the time to complete any given task or project, it will always take twice as many of the next units of time as that of the estimate, to complete. For example, something what might be expected to take a minute to finish, will in fact generally take around 2 hours, whereas a task expected to take 2 weeks will consume around 4 months. But I won’t.

Clayton would agree with Blake’s Law I think. It was pretty clear that he was considering himself to be in possession of a particularly short straw about half way into the fitting. He explained that is was taking longer than expected because of the physical characteristics of the particular carpet we had chosen, but I knew it was really the effect of Blake’s Law.

Of course, I am now writing this in hindsight, and the stair carpet has been beautifully laid hours ago. But just as the more mundane tasks in life take as long as they take, so our road to enlightenment takes as long as we need to reach that state. Refurbishment and enlightenment have a lot of similarities I find, although it appears that refurbishment is a lot harder on the hands.

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