A New Clear Reaction

We have lift offAs any physics student will tell you, for every action in the Universe, there is an equal and opposite reaction. It’s a law of physics, but also a law in Buddhism and a great way to track your progress. How can resistance be a good thing? It’s easy to think that it can’t. But actually, it’s a great way to measure progress.

As each action has this equal and opposite reaction, there can be no reaction without an action. So the reaction is a perfect indication that you have taken action. To borrow an example from The Buddha, Geoff and Me, let’s imagine an aircraft going down the runway.

As the plane increases speed, the wind resistance gradually increases. If the pilot reduces the power, the plane slows and the resistance reduces, but it won’t take off. If the pilot maintains the power, or increases it, the resistance builds, and the plane takes off, so the goal is achieved.

So feel good when the resistance builds against your actions, it is a good sign. Take heart, remain determined, keep the pressure on, increase your actions, never falter, and you too will reach your goal.

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