The World Of Learning

The Basket of Magical TreasuresAnother day, another grandson, today we were blessed by a visit from Zach and his Daddy Rob. Rob is a qualified chippy, and had very kindly offered to shave the bottom off two doors, so they would close after the carpet fitting.

It was the first time B had met either of them, so cordial greetings were exchanged in the customary manner. Zach was thirsty, so he was offered the chance to look in the special cupboard where all the squash and fruit juices live. A bottle of pink grapefruit squash caught his eye and he was soon guzzling a glass of it.

Rob and I needed to crack on with the doors, so B took Zach into the lounge to play. Zach was very interested in B’s Basket of Magical Treasures and he spent a lovely time learning all about the rocks and pebbles, crystals and horn, although the myriad of bubbles in a piece of lava was apparently described as ‘disgusting’.

Sadly, once the doors were finished, the two boys had to get back home, but I think the learning process benefitted all concerned, and Zach left with a bottle of his granddad’s pink grapefruit squash for later.

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