What A Good Good Friday

Stanley Takes A Power NapAfter a breakfast of toasted hot cross buns, we had a proper lazy start. We took a trip to a local electronics showroom to survey the lie of the land regarding a flat screen telly for the kitchen. Unfortunately, we had to have a couple of demonstrations of 3D TVs, so it was past noon before we dropped into Hannah’s to deliver young Stanley’s Easter Egg.

Hannah and Jay were in the middle of clearing the old house in preparation for the new tenants to move in next week, so we offered to take Stanley for a while to help them get on with the job. Stanley seemed quite keen, so with him strapped into his car seat in B’s Yaris, we set off to hunt for lions in deepest B & Q.

Now young Stanley is only two and a half, so I had imagined that keeping him amused was going to be a simple matter. How mistaken can one grandparent be? At first we made up little games to distract him from 40,000 square meters of shiny playthings, but he soon had the measure of us.

Unless I am much mistaken, we have a future 100 meter world champion in the family. For such a little chap, he’s got a fierce turn of speed, and when allied to his ultra low centre of gravity, he’s almost impossible to catch on the slippery store flooring. We had to put him in charge of the wheeled basket just to slow him to a catchable pace.

By the time we left the store, a good hour later, he was still raring to go, whereas we were all set for a nice sweet cup of tea and a snooze. But just as we were dreading another rendition of ‘Old MacDonald Had A Farm’, said nipper went all quiet and we found on closer inspection, that he had beaten us to the snooze.

We popped over to see B’s mum, and stayed a little while, but Stan The Man resolutely slept on. It was only when the car stopped outside Hannah’s just after 5:00pm, that the little chap stirred at all. As we left to head home for dinner, we were both feeling a bit pooped, but agreed that it had been a really good, Good Friday.

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