Back On The Wheel

Back On The WheelSo the holiday is well and truly over and I’m back in the office. Although it was never going to be a typical week off, with all the DIY and general work on the cottage, it was, as is often said, the change that was as good as as rest.

Getting up at 5:00am this morning was tough. Leaving B in a lovely warm bed, to pack the car, defrost the windows and set off in the dark, is not my idea of fun. The traffic was quite light, but what there was, was slow, so the journey dragged on a bit.

Then a crimson glow appeared towards the East, getting brighter by the minute and that magical gradient of light that heralds the dawn greeted the queue of traffic as we headed south down the A36. It was a little bonus to be able to watch the golden globe of the sun rise slowly but surely, higher and higher.

As expected, my inbox was stuffed with tons of emails requiring my attention. Sorting through them, one by one, identifying those that needed an immediate response from those that could wait a little, or had already been dealt with, took pretty much the whole day.

With so many to deal with, the total never seemed to change, but like the imperceptible change towards enlightenment, it was only when I looked back at what had been achieved that I noticed the progress I had made.

Our daily Practice, like my chanting this morning as I grew ever closer to Salisbury, helps us grow and move ever nearer to enlightenment. In the same way that we are too close to our eyelashes to be able to see them, we are too enveloped by our Practice to see the changes on a day by day basis.

If you ever need proof of how you are progressing, take a metaphorical look back at how you were a week, a month or a year ago, and be comforted by the changes you can perceive from that more distant viewpoint.

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