Silver Linings

Salisbury CathedralIt’s Friday evening and the weekend is here. The drive up to Bristol started rather slowly. The rain we have been waiting for has arrived at last, and it was really pouring down as I set off from the office. Something told me that the journey was going to be difficult.

Driving up the A36 was going well, the rain stopped and the traffic was light, maybe my fears would be unfounded. Then I came round a bend a couple of miles outside Salisbury and saw a queue to end all queues.

The progress was painfully slow, no sign of the cause, maybe just the Friday rush hour at it’s worst. But then, coming over the crest of a hill, I was treated to an amazing sight. The magnificent Salisbury cathedral, across the fields, so beautiful.

I’ve seen the view many, many times, but tonight I was sitting in stationary traffic, so I had time to take a photograph. And although I don’t agree with all aspects of the Christian religion, they have given us some of the most amazing architecture.

So as with all challenges in life, every cloud has a silver lining. The trick is to keep an eagle eye open for it, and make the most of it when it appears.

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