Relationships And Renovations

Relationships And RenovationsThe title sums up my life right now, well not quite, but there’s a lot of both going on at the moment. Strangely, there’s a deal of similarity between the two in some ways.  So you think I’ve been breathing in too many undercoat fumes lately? Ok, let me explain.

A new relationship is brilliant, it’s exciting, challenging and can occupy all your spare time. Renovation is rewarding, it’s exciting, challenging and can also occupy all your spare time. But let’s look at it a different way.

When you decide to renovate a property, you prioritise the projects and work through the rooms, one by one. There’s no point starting with the decor if the roof needs fixing, pretty dumb to install a new bathroom suite if the drains need sorting.

There are important milestones in the project. Roof sorted, electrics and plumbing finished, floors fixed, walls plastered. Then you decide on a certain room you want to concentrate on, and you live with the others until the important one is done, then you move to the next and the next and so on.

Say you sort out the kitchen, get it really nice, smart, efficient and install the appliances. You enjoy the fruits of your labour, but you wouldn’t give up on the renovation just because you got a glimpse of the lounge, or the bathroom. You go onto the next stage, deal with the problems and enjoy the progress as it comes along.

As relationships grow, mature, there are times when you discover aspects, core beliefs or character traits that test the strength of the bond at that point in time. That’s how relationships develop. You learn about each other, you agree about some things, you may have to compromise about others, it’s a learning process.

You learn about new aspects all the time. Together, you agree, you compromise or agree to disagree about them and so the relationship grows. But just like the renovation, you don’t give up on the whole project just because there is a little more work to be done in the next room. And just like renovations, the more effort you put in, the more satisfaction you get out of them.

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