Half Past Wednesday

Time FliesSo here we are again, it’s Wednesday and the week is already half gone. It seems that I spend half my life wishing the time away and the other half trying to slow it down. That is rather sad and a real waste. So I’m going to put that to rights.

Being mindful and making the most of every second should be the primary objective of us all. It’s all too easy to find yourself wishing for some special event to arrive, but doing so, you are wasting half your life, which is tantamount to criminal.

As with most days, the tasks expand to fill the day. The trick is to cram in more tasks and keep busy. Not a huge problem here, as there is always more that can be done. So if you do find the day is dragging, and that special event seems to be getting further away instead of nearer, take stock of your outstanding chores, dive in and set yourself goals, and you will find that the time flies by.

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