Look Before You Leap

Look Before You LeapIt has been said, on several occasions, that I am impetuous. That I do things on impulse, without thinking them through as much as I should. It comes, I believe from being the eternal optimist and from seeing the good in something whilst ignoring any bad that might be lurking round the corner.

But being so impulsive can, and has been in the past, very damaging. Failing to weigh up all the pros and cons and not seeing things from every viewpoint can lead one into difficult and damaging situations from whence there is no easy return.

So when I read my latest post for Homophilosophicus to B tonight, I was all ready to send it off for publication. To my surprise, although she praised the piece, B asked me to sit on it for a day or two and to re-read it before I send it off. To me, this seemed rather un-necessary. After all, wasn’t I the one who had written it. Wasn’t I the one who had mulled it over in my head for the past month. What was there to think about?

Of course, through talking it over, it became clear that there were others in the piece who might read it, might react to it, who might, just might, be upset by it. So it’s sitting in my drafts folder at this very minute, ready for me to re-read it and re-read it again, until I’m absolutely sure it’s right.

Approaching things with wisdom, courage and compassion is a major part of my road to enlightenment. Now B isn’t a Buddhist, although she has many Buddhist ways about her, but having the courage to ask me to wait, to take stock, to rethink something very dear to my heart has been a good lesson for me.

Enlightenment is a long, long journey, and I have taken another important step forward on that journey tonight, thanks to the very wonderful B and her Wisdom, Courage and Compassion. Thank you Bumble.

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