A Spiritual Day

The Glastonbury TorBuddhism is an inclusive faith, every other religion is accepted and respected. So on one of the most important days in the Christian calendar it was wonderful to make our way to Glastonbury and immerse ourselves in the very special spiritual atmosphere that always pervades that amazing place.

The weather was kind and, although it was no heat wave, the sun kept us company for most of the day. The drive to the Isle of Avalon was really nice. There is a lot of very beautiful countryside along the way, culminating with a first glimpse of the tor more than five miles from the town itself.

The Chalice WellWe parked the Yaris a couple of hundred yards from the Chalice Well and decided to visit the solitude of its gardens to eat our packed lunch. The Well really is a special place with lots of secluded little corners set aside for quiet contemplation. Although there were quite a number of visitors, the quiet calm was very much in evidence as always.

Glastonbury, outside the festival season, does seem to attract a certain type of person and today was no different. Everyone we met appeared to be there for the spiritual atmosphere and walking around the town was as interesting as ever. For those who appreciate the finer side of faith based artefacts, the place is bursting with shops of every kind.

At the summitHaving waited till late in the afternoon, so the crowds could start wending their way home, we set off to climb the tor. It’s a bit of a climb I can tell you, but with only a handful of people at the summit, it was worth every deep breath. The view over the landscape is just amazing and it’s obvious why it has been a site of spiritual importance for such a long time.

The stroll back down to the car was, understandably, much less strenuous, though the drive back home was equally picturesque. So a day full of Easter biscuits, hot cross buns, Christian imagery and spiritual ambiance was enjoyed with due deference to a most important religious day. I hope everyone also had a very special Easter day however you celebrated it.

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