Sash Windows, Stuff And Supper

Indian SupperSaturday morning and the sun was shining. The sash window restoration man arrived rather too promptly, but was good enough to sit in his van until we had finished breakfast. The friend of a friend, he has just started out on his own, so we were keen to give him some business if it all sounded plausible.

To be honest it didn’t start too well. The first thing he showed us was a cream plastic insert, used to allow the windows to be removed for painting. As B is allergic to plastic, ethically speaking, he was on a sticky wicket from the off. But he was a very nice chap and he’s going to quote to renovate the worst of the windows, so we’ll reserve judgement.

When he left, the sun was still shining intermittently, but the rain clouds were building, just as the weather people had predicted. So getting the ‘stuff’ out of the sun lounge and into the garage, and vice versa, took on an added importance. It’s never much fun trying to rearrange things when you and they have taken a good soaking.

Actually things turned out rather well. The rain, what there was if it, wasn’t too heavy and nor was the majority of the ‘stuff’, so good progress was made in both locations. The Yaris was parked in the driveway, ready to receive the charity shop donations. We had already delivered several boxes of books to the Amnesty International bookshop on the Gloucester Road, but there was much more ‘rationalisation’ to be done.

To be honest, it was a lot more fun than I had expected, and B was a bit more willing to part with some of the less important treasure than I had feared. The day flew by, both places gradually took on an air of organised pandemonium, and the Yaris filled with unwanted goodies.

Sadly the process took longer than anticipated, so there was no time to deliver said donations. We were both fairly pooped by the time we decided to call it a day, so when I made a tentative suggestion that we take our evening repast at the local Indian restaurant, it was accepted with much enthusiasm.

We walked round to the Raj Mahal, managing to dodge the early evening showers and had a very tasty selection of their excellent fare. Indian food has, in the past, not agreed with B’s constitution on the whole, but whatever had caused the problem in the past obviously wasn’t present this time, so by 10:30, both full to bursting, we retired for a well earned, and dyspeptic free night.

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