A Terrible Dilemma

A Terrible DilemaTomorrow, Charlotte may have to decide whether to save her unborn child or to save herself. It may be that the oncology specialist can offer a course of treatment that allows her to do both. If not, I cannot imagine a more difficult decision with which to be faced.

As a helpless observer, I can do little but chant and pray for a fortunate outcome. As her father, I would willingly swap places with Charlotte if it would save her the pain and distress she is going through.

From the first day we knew about her condition, we have all been trying to maintain a positive attitude. Knowing that the Oneness of Self and the Environment is so important in such situations, we must believe that we can influence the outcome through our own mental strength.

If you are a practicing Buddhist, I would ask, most respectfully, for you to chant for Charlotte. If you are of another denomination, please pray for her wellbeing.

The greater the efforts. on her behalf, the more influence we will achieve.

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