Cooking On Gas

HRH The Dalai LamaSo here we are, all live and looking lovely.

Following a 36 hour stint, the new website is online and really looking the part.

The whole team were Trojans, never giving an inch to any of the problems that crossed their paths.

After getting some well earned rest, we are all looking forward to the next project, safe in the knowledge that we have a whole bag of solutions to the issues we may encounter.

I know that several people missed the posts over that past few days. Many thanks to those who sent their best wishes for a speedy resolution. Maybe you’d like to look at the fruits of our labour? Simply click on the image of the Dalai Lama and have a mooch around. A word of warning though, I’d leave your credit cards well out of reach, just in case.

I would love to own this photo, but it flies in the face of Buddhism somehow. Desirous attachment and all that you know.

Namaste, Anupadin

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