A Painful Heart

Tears Of SadnessAfter a full day in the office, including a chat about Nichiren Buddhist to a colleague, I got home a little later than usual.

I barely had time to take my coat off before the phone rang and a rather tearful close friend began unburdening her woes.

I find it very difficult, when I’m in a situation where I can’t be of practical help. Somehow mere words don’t seem to be enough, and so it proved tonight.

My sympathy and compassion didn’t appear to be having the desired effect, so I have been left with a rather empty feeling of inadequacy.

Having thought long and hard about the situation, I’m hoping I will be better prepared if the chance to make amends arises.

The opportunity to put my Wisdom, Courage and Compassion to good use doesn’t present itself very often. But tonight just served to illustrate that, no matter how far I have come in this journey, there are still many lessons still to be learned.

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