Kutai Restaurant

MemoriesWhen you spend some time with someone you haven’t seen for a while, after you have caught up on the happenings since you last met, you get to talking about the past.

This is when the magic of Kutai kicks in.

Kutai is the state between existence and non-existence, where something exists but is non-substantive, that is, it has no physical substance and hence cannot be proven.

Memories are a very good example of Kutai. They are very real to the person, or persons doing the remembering, but there is nothing physical to back them up. Another thing that struck me, was that in the same way as substantive things are often connected, so are non-substantive ones. You know the situation where someone tells a joke, and in hearing it, that triggers the memory in the listener, so they often come back with a joke of their own. So it is with memories.

Well so it was today with our shared memories. Lots of happy, and a few sad recollections became very real as we relived them together. Some memories are so deeply buried, that they almost need to be dragged, kicking and screaming, from our subconscious. But they are there all the same. Regression therapy is based on the fact that we never actually forget anything. We may not be able, or may choose not to remember certain events or facts, but that is a failure to remember, not that we have actually forgotten.

Anyway, the process of remembering can be rather cathartic, a good way of clearing away the clutter and cobwebs that accumulate over time. So it was today, a spring clean of the memory banks, you might say.

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