Sun, Sea And Surf

Bournemouth SurfIt is the contrasts in life that make for magical moments.

So it was today, the contrast between the horrible wet weather of Friday and the beautiful warm sunshine of today. The contrast between the pressured concentration of work for so many hours in the week, to the relaxed, enjoyable leisure time of today.

The morning started with warm sunshine and perfect blue skies. It was a day to forget all the stresses of life, get out of the apartment, and become immersed in the beauty of nature.

A walk down through Branksome Chine, dodging the mud and puddles left after the inclement weather of the last few days, bombarded the senses with a mixture of vivid colours of the early shoots of spring and the earthy scent of leave mould.

Once out of the chine, a leisurely stroll along the promenade was followed by a light lunch of stone baked pizza marinara and fresh espresso coffee, in great company.

By the time lunch was over, the wind had picked up and the white horses were pounding Bournemouth beach. There were a handful of hardy souls, clad in full-body wet suits, windsurfing to and fro along the shoreline. Backlit by a slowly setting sun, they made for a spectacular finale to a few very enjoyable hours.

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