Painfully Sharp Focus

Poison Into MedicineEven though we have been aware that Charlotte has breast cancer for more than a week, the details of the type of cancer and the stage that it has reached, were a nasty jolt today.

Hope springs eternal, but can be dashed by a few words from a specialist. The difference between hoping something and knowing something is quite profound. Finding out that what we now know was worse than we had hoped was painful.

But the laws of the Universe demand that even when something is essentially bad, there must be an equal and opposite good, to balance the equation. Having experienced the bad, I immediately saw the good, in the bravery and stoicism of Charlotte herself.

There is at least one more consultation before Charlotte embarks on the process of healing and recuperation, so there will certainly be other twists along the way.

I will try to bring out my bodhisattva nature to help me to help Charlotte through the ups and downs that she will experience, through the power of Nam Myoho Renge Kyo. Hopefully we can turn this evil poison into medicine together.

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