Calm Amidst The Storm

The ScreamBefore I start this post, I want to say that although it is about me and our current situation, it is not a boast or in any way self glorification. So here goes …

Yesterday, as you may already know, my eldest daughter Charlotte was diagnosed with breast cancer. She will receive the results of the biopsy next week, but that will probably only give more details of the form of cancer she has.

You can probably imagine the emotional turmoil that the family was going through yesterday evening. There was a lot of crying and pain.

The strange thing was that I wasn’t part of that grieving. Maybe it was because I was 100 miles from Charlotte, so wasn’t affected by the upset in others, though I did speak to everyone by phone. You might say that I am hard-hearted, though those who know me well will tell you otherwise. It certainly isn’t that I don’t love my daughter, because I do, with all my heart.

I hadn’t really even noticed that I had remained so calm and collected until one person after another commented upon it.

But my belief is that it’s my Practice that has allowed me to cope with such a trauma. Of course, as soon as I heard about Charlotte’s diagnosis I started praying and chanting for her to make a complete recovery. The chanting helped my life-energy levels and also brought me closer to the World of Bodhisattva, but it appears to have allowed me to remain composed and I feel that has helped other people too.

I suppose I shouldn’t be at all surprised because this is what is so powerful about Nichiren Buddhism. It actually allows you to control, to a greater or lesser extent, your own life-state, or mood in common terms, as well as your life-energy. Nichiren insists that we test our Practice in that if we don’t see tangible results from what we practice, we desist from that practice.

Well the Practice has certainly proven itself today, and that is good for me and, of course most importantly, for Charlotte.

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