Turning It Around

KyoTrying to use the Buddhist principle of Poison into Medicine is easier with some things than others.

Emotional upsets are pretty straightforward, it’s a matter of seeing the bigger picture and realigning hopes, expectations and life in general to fit the situation.

ChiThis back pain is a different matter. Compared to some, my pain is a mere trifle, but I am still trying to work out how to use it to my benefit.

At times during the day, it is so painful that it makes me feel physically sick, the result of my bodies endorphins apparently.

GyoI suppose the lesson is that I should take better care of my body, lose some weight maybe, and I am starting to do that. But the results are slower in coming than I would like, so I suppose it is teaching me patience too.

IMy chanting, although it doesn’t make the pain go way completely, makes me feel energised and that is what is getting me through.

So I will persist. The alternatives are few and far between anyway, so patience, persistence and Practice will be the tools that help me reach my goal. Another case of Kyo Chi Gyo I, being focussed on the goal, rather than the pain free status I will gain once I reach it.

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