Two Steps Forward

InfinityOur current web project is nearing it’s fruition, but the progress seems to be slowing as we near completion. Two steps forward and one step back.

It’s a little like trying to reach a point almost at infinity. If you half the distance to that point every day, you make rapid progress to start with. But as the distance to go to your destination gets smaller, the distance you travel gets smaller proportionally.

In fact, in this model, you would never reach the point, because the distance you have left to travel is still half of that from the previous day. The journey would take you an infinite time, which non of us have.

Now we will finish our web project, and on time given a fair wind, but the only way to achieve it is to use the principles of Kyo Chi Gyo I.

Set those goals, use that wisdom, put in the effort and the rest will follow.

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