How Very Sad

Salman TaseerI was very sad to hear of the assassination of the Pakistan politician, Salman Taseer today, as reported by the BBC.

The incident was sad on many levels. A man showing such Wisdom, Courage and Compassion in expressing his disagreement at the death sentence handed to a Christian woman for the crime of blasphemy, was a breath of fresh air in a world of dogmatic doctrine.

He was murdered by his own bodyguard, a man whom he trusted with his life, literally.

The stated aim of Nichiren Buddhism is Kosen-Rufu, World peace through individual happiness. Not by the conversion of every human being to Buddhism, but by the teaching of the ways and means of promoting happiness through correct thought and deed.

A man like Salman Taseer was a great example to us all. Through his stand against, what he said were, “Illiterate Clerics” as well as the blasphemy case, had knowingly put himself in danger. He has paid the ultimate worldly price for his courage.

The cause of Kosen-Rufu has been sadly set back a step by this senseless murder.

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