The Game Of Life

Rubiks CubeLife can be a bit like a Rubik’s cube, each part is like one of the faces, separate but all connected.

We work to get one face, let’s say Blue sorted out. On it’s own that task is pretty easy and we complete it quite quickly. So we move on to to the Red face, again it’s pretty easy, in isolation, so we get it sorted and we feel a satisfaction in that.

But then we turn the cube back to the Blue side, and it’s all messed up again, because it is connected to the Red side.

Life is like that. Our home life is connected to our family, our friends, our work, everything. Just like Rubik’s cube, unless you know the rules for arranging the sides, it can be pretty impossible.

The only way to get our lives sorted, is to learn the rules governing how they fit together. I say rules, but there’s nothing written down anywhere that will teach you. So it’s a case of trial and error, to some degree. Hopefully our parents teach us the ground rules, but every situation is different, so it’s necessary to modify the ground rules so they fit.

There are two big differences between life and Rubik’s cube. Life is no game, obviously and life is no where as clear cut as getting six coloured faces sorted out.

Whether you are playing with a Rubik’s cube, or trying to sort your life out, good luck. I’m still learning to do both.

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