A Predictable Outcome

ballotAs I write this, there is a huge furore over the outcome of the Oldham by-election.

My question is, why? With the Coalition having to put the country through the financial mill, for pretty good reasons, you could have bet your shirt on the result.

In these kinds of by-elections, the people take the opportunity to give the Government a good kicking, safe in the knowledge that it won’t bring about any major change.

Let’s remember who put these politicians in power in the first place. We voted them in, because the alternative was even less palatable, and gave them the mandate to steer The Good Ship UK for a while.

We are all responsible for our own Karma, the result of all our actions, in this and previous lives, is where we are now. Both individually and collectively, we must take responsibility for those actions and understand that the outcome is our own doing.

So don’t moan when the results of your actions are not quite how you imagined they would be. If we want things to change, we must take the actions for that to happen.

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