A Worry Resolved

Moriconium TwilightFor the best part of a year I have been putting off seeing my ex-wife because I feared it would bring back all the heartache and pain of the separation and divorce. So knowing that she was coming to see me today had been a worry for a few days.

I need not have been so negative about it. On a beautifully sunny winters day, we took our little Bischon Frise, Chelsea, for a nice long walk along the coast and as we walked, we talked.

I think it would be fair to say that we had both harboured preconceived ideas about how things might turn out, there was a lot of hurt on both sides, but in the event, things went very well.

The talking cleared the air, I think we were both open and honest about what we felt and how the split had affected us. But agreeing that nobody can change the past, as indeed, nobody could have predicted our future at the time of the break-up, left a calmness in the relationship that maybe neither of us could have foreseen.

Coupled with a light pub lunch, in the dog-friendly local, it made for an enjoyable afternoon, so when she set off home, I was left wondering why I had build it up, in my own mind, to be such a problem in the first place.

Feeling much relieved, I came back into the apartment to find the magnificent sunset you see in the photograph above. It seemed quite a fitting conclusion.

Moral of the story … don’t prejudge situations, talking solves a lot of issues and is the only way to move forward. Turning Poison (the worry) into Medicine has yet again been the way through the situation, chalk up another win for Buddhism, further proof that my Practice is working.

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