A Day Of Learning

The World of eLearningMy day has been a spent in the world of learning, though not as you might expect, about Buddhism.

We are using a new software package at work, to build and support a brand new website. As webmaster I will be responsible, to some extent, for the performance, stability and content of the new site, and today was a very pleasurable learning session.

Ok, it’s not rocket science, though they do say that even rocket science isn’t rocket science. Learning of any kind, is a process of personal growth, and I find it very stimulating. As with so much software, is has it’s little quirks and problems, but that almost makes it more fun.

I look on it as a game of mental chess, the software taking the role of a very capable opponent. I want it to lay out a page in a certain manner, it lays it out in the way I tell it, and the two are not always a convergent point. So I have had to exercise the grey matter and, so far, progress has been good.

A project as large as this requires the skills of a dedicated team. My colleagues have, and continue to do, a fantastic job. Some have designed data structures and management processes that will never be visible to our visitors. Others have been concentrating on the look and feel of the new site and have been honing the copy that will appear on the web pages. Everyone has done their bit, and the result is far more than the sum of the parts.

So the learning goes on tomorrow and the pleasure of working in a close kit team continues.

As a slight aside, I have continued to listen to the podcasts of The Buddha, Geoff and Me, so my Buddhist learning has not taken a back seat, and that gives me a great deal of satisfaction too. Chapter 3 of this great book is about Ichinen and Kyo Chi Gyo I. Click on the links to learn more for yourself.

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo.

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